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HK Consulting has customized a toolset consisting of 18 components for corporate transformation and setting up new business promoting exponential growth based on our expertise and engagement with the private and public sector. There are several models of successful businesses throughout the world which fall into two major categories. Firstly, the great companies like P&G, Toyota, GE etc. and secondly, the exponential organizations like google, Microsoft, apple and Alibaba etc. Great companies are traditional companies which engage capable leaders at different levels having distinguished traits and qualities.  They emphasize on continuous learning and improvement (which is known as Kaizen in Japan) culture of discipline, human capital development and management, talent management and strong focus on revenue inflow mechanism etc.  The second categories are extremely innovative and disruptive companies which have archived exponential growth using a set of tools and technologies.

A country’s policy and regulations, access to finance and mindset of the government, corporate and common people, local socio-economic and cultural ecosystem influence the business growth. Bangladesh currently holds 168th position out of 190 economies in the World Bank’s “Doing Business 2020” report which assesses ease of doing business in through the lenses of 12 indicators in five areas from opening to operating a business.

Despite serious bottlenecks we have found out that the resilience of the entrepreneurs, eagerness to learn, use of technology, indomitable spirit, hard and smart work and innovation pave the way for business success anywhere in the world no matter how big and difficult the challenges are. In this age of technology there is always an innovative way out to override and overcome the challenges posed by the legal framework, financing institution or by the business coopetitors. The task of HK Consulting is to map the bottlenecks and customize the solutions for exponential business growth for eager clients.

Our Work

Our work falls in five areas:

Transforming Business for Growth and Good

We believe business growth contribute in social, environmental and economic development.

Responsible Business

We follow and promote responsible businesses model. All business should leverage the between the interest of the planet, people and profit.

Entrepreneurs as Agent of Change

We promote entrepreneurship for bringing a positive change in the world.

Social Justice and Human Dignity

We emphasize to bring peace in the world through implementing social justice at family, community, national and international level and protect human freedom, diversity and dignity.

Research, Collaboration, Innovation and Learning

We pursue research, promote collaboration, innovation and learning to solve global challenges.

Our Services

We cater a wide range of services for our clients.  Research, learning, use of technology and innovation are four main premises of our work. We work and collaborate globally to create synergy and leverage technical cooperation. Our work is based on growth mindset and contingent on responsible business model. We assess our clients’ needs through mapping, survey and research and create scientific basis for our service. We then contextualize and customize the right toolset for resolving our customers business problems. We take full ownership of the work we engage in and free our customers from the anxiety. But consult at every step for their consent and developing understanding.

Corporate Transformation for Exponential Growth

We transform business and organizations for exponential growth and productivity in three areas, structural, use of technology and growth using a toolset of 18 tried and tested components. Transformation brings in a paradigm shift in the way we work, think, deliver and achieve. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

Policy and Strategy Development

We formulate implementable policy, strategy and SOPs for business and governments organizations. We prepare policy reform proposals, draft and review legal framework to promote business. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

Investment Facilitation & Business Set Up

We facilitate investment and set up business on behalf of the investors anywhere in the world. We furnish legal procedures, manage human resources and set up business for our clients. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

We build exponential organizations

We build exponential business organizations from scratches ensuring 10 times faster growth with our customized toolset and use of technology. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

Growth Hacking Marketing, PR and Branding

We provide specialized services on growth hacking marketing, PR and branding. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

Digital Entrepreneurship Development

We conduct regular courses on digital entrepreneurship, and provide complete solution for online shops and ecommerce. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

Corporate Training, MSME Transformation

We provide train the trainers, subject and industry specific training on a myriad of issues such as corporate transformation, exponential thinking, branding, marketing, PR, management, motivation and team building. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

We transform small businesses into exponential medium and large business depending on the product and customer outreach. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

Super Force: Human Capital Development and Management

We develop global standard corporate executives. We develop and manage human capital and provide excellent human resource for your business anywhere in the world. Business success is always contingent on getting the right people on board. Therefore, we train, recruit and deploy human resources for your organization and formulate efficient team to deliver best results. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

Health and Wellbeing

We provide health and wellbeing services, counselling to corporates and individuals. Human productivity is the key to career or business success. Therefore, health and wellbeing should be key focus of individual and organization. We deliver customized and general health and wellbeing services depending on your need. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

Research and Innovation

We conduct research on various issues i.e. trade and commerce, reforming business legal framework to promote investment and conducive business climate and facilitate inhouse and external innovation. We set up innovation unit in any business organization for market disruption. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

Technology for Business Success and Security

We provide technology support from creating dashboard to data analytics to block chain for business growth and security. Our technology service falls in two categories. Firstly, technology for business growth and success and secondly, business security specially for the financial institutions. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

Career Development

We conduct regular courses on career development on four areas. General skills development to become a global standard executive and three separate courses on career development in government, development and corporate sector. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

We Facilitate Investment

We provide one stop services to the investors i.e. system facilitation, incorporation of business, procurement of land, infrastructure development, hiring human resources, business automation and business consultation.

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