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Facilitating at Least 10X Faster Growth in Service Delivery Efficiency and Revenue Inflow.

Structural and Digital Transformation, Use of Technology and Innovation are Key Elements for Achieving the Desired Momentum.

We work for Private, Public and Development Sector Devising Market Driven Solutions for Most Pressing Challenges Faced by the Business, Society and Institutions. We also develop human capital, promote MSME and facilitate investment. We approach problems with cognitive flexibility, create scientific basis through research and develop solutions through collaborative effort with a mix of social, scientific and technology tools.
Struggling with Your Service Delivery Efficiency or Business Growth? Want to Start a Business? or Develop a New Project or Organization? We Provide Complete Business Solution(CBS) from Logo and Product Design, Branding, Hiring Right Human Resource, Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Automation to Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Innovation Facilitating Exponential (at Least 10X Faster) Growth. We Transform Existing Business and Build a New Business or Organization. Therefore, when We Transform or Build a New Organization We Call it an Exponential Organization(EXO).

We bank on research, innovation, technology, pragmatism, purpose. We develop prototypes for experimentation and finalize solutions based on user feedback. We use relevant components from 18 tried and tested tool-set used by great and Exponential Organizations(EXOs).

Our Services

Corporate Transformation for Exponential Growth

We transform business and public organizations for exponential growth and productivity in three areas, structural, use of technology and growth using a tool-set of 18 tried and tested components. Transformation brings in a paradigm shift in the way we work, think, deliver and achieve. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

Policy and Strategy Development

We formulate implementable policy, strategy and SOPs for business and governments organizations. We prepare policy reforms and advocacy proposals, draft and review legal framework to promote business and facilitate exponential service delivery. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

Investment Facilitation & Business Set Up

We facilitate investment and set up business organizations on behalf of the investors anywhere in the world. We furnish legal procedures, hire and manage human resources on behalf of our clients. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

We Build Exponential Erganizations

We build exponential private and public organizations from scratches ensuring at least 10X faster growth through human capital development and management, use of technology and innovation. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

Growth Hacking Marketing, PR and Branding

We provide specialized services on growth hacking marketing using a consolidated strategy through digital marketing, PR, communication, content development and branding. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

Digital Entrepreneurship Development

We conduct regular courses on digital entrepreneurship development and provide complete solution for online shops and e-commerce. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

Corporate Training, MSME Transformation

We provide train the trainers, subject and industry specific training on a myriad of issues such as team building, growth mindset, corporate transformation, exponential thinking, branding, marketing, PR, management, motivation and leadership. To learn more or get our service please contact us.
We transform small businesses into exponential medium and large business depending on the product and customer outreach. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

Super Force: Human Capital Development and Management

We develop global standard corporate executives, also develop and manage human capital and provide right human resource for your business anywhere in the world. Business success is always contingent on getting the right people on board. Therefore, we train, recruit and deploy human resources for your organization and formulate efficient team to deliver best results. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

Health and Wellbeing

We provide health and well-being services, counseling to corporate and individuals. Human productivity is the key to career or business success. Therefore, health and well-being should be the key focus of individual and organization. We deliver customized and general health and well-being services depending on your need. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

Research and Innovation

We conduct research on various issues i.e. trade and commerce, reforming business legal framework to promote investment and create conducive business climate and set up in-house and external innovation unit for organizations for market disruption an develop solutions. To learn more or get our service please contact us.


We provide technology support from creating dashboard, data analytics, block chain to app development for business growth and security. Our technology solutions falls in two categories. Firstly, technology for business growth and success and secondly, business security specially for Banks and Non Bank FIs. To learn more or get our service please contact us.

System Facilitation

We collaborate with government agencies and support investors to invest and establish business in Bangladesh. To learn more or get our service please contact us.


We deliver our services globally both online and on site. Delivery process and engagement are contingent on organizational and industry needs, technical requirements, expected results and context.


We create a scientific basis through mapping and identifying your organization needs, brutal facts and growth opportunities.

Management Agreement

We engage management at all levels of transformation, attain important feedback and insights and develop consensus on the customized solutions. We apply a 360 degree feedback mechanism based on behavioral insight science.

Customized Solution

We then prepare a customized solutions offer with multiple options for the transformation of the organization.


We roll out the transformation process and upgrade and simplify business process, SOPs, structures, hierarchies etc. We use technology and transform the business digitally. Enhance monitoring and oversight mechanism while facilitate sustainable revenue inflow propelling the growth engine.

Transformation is Beautiful

We apply a tried and tested toolset used by the great and exponential organizations. Change is painful but transformation is beautiful. It creates a win win situation for the business, clients and planets. It is beautiful because it brings a mindset shift on how we work and think and removes cognitive rigidity making the organization agile to bring the outcomes.

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Grow your business faster or start a new one with faster growth

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Hamid is an immensely principled professional with a lively sense of social justice and a spirited sense of humour; it's a privilege to know and work with him.

Dr Livingston Armytage AM Order of Australia: for services to justice, Adjunct Professor: Law Justice & Development; Ph.D, University of Sydney, Rozelle, New South Wales, Australia

HK Consulting has been transforming private sector to bring a paradigm shift from business as usual to a knowledge based system. I believe the contribution of HK Consulting is of national scale and importance. The firm has successfully trained all of our key staff members on exponential growth. I am being mentored by it's CEO Mr. Khan.

Mr. Sheikh Shadi Chairman, ASSURE GROUP

I have finished a meeting with Mr. Hamidul H Khan. He provided me guidelines on how we can go forward and will get investors to support our robotics and Advanced Technologies company and contribute to our country Bangladesh. He is an excellent mentor.

MohammadMr. Farhan Ferdous Engineer, Robotics Section, Production and Manufacturing Department at 小野谷機工(株)

HK Consulting has transformed our company. It's been an amazing experience working with the firm. I am grateful for the services rendered to our company and mentoring support provided to me by it's CEO, Mr. Hamidul H Khan.

Mr. Ataus Sopan Malik Managing Director, A R Malik Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

A brilliant Civil Servant and a true Professional who lives for friendship and dies for work.

Mr. Abu Hena Mostafa Zaman Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of Bangladesh

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