Hamidul H Khan

Hamidul H Khan

- CEO and Chief Transformation Specialist

Hamidul H Khan

CEO of HK Consulting and Managing Director of Fargo Pvt. Ltd. 

A dynamic, result-oriented knowledge leader. A professional with grit, adaptability and empathy capable of leading large, complex, multicultural teams generating extraordinary, coveted outcomes. Ready to take up any senior management challenging assignment with proven track records.

Key expertise: Management, Governance, Poverty Reduction, Smart City, Capacity Building, Food & Nutrition, Circular Economy, Gender, Automation, Environment, Climate Change, Research, Education, Resource Mobilization, Access to Justice, Policy Advocacy, Economic and Business Growth and Private Sector Development.

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Hamidul H Khan is the CEO of HK Consulting and a serial entrepreuner. 

He is a former civil servant and worked with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), The Asia Foundation, and several business organizations. 


As a leading public sector and policy expert, Mr. Khan’s rapport with the policy stakeholders and extensive experience in policy formulation and governance have been instrumental in achieving any policy advocacy and project formulation target. He is a flexible, innovative, and result-driven professional with a rare blend of expertise in the public, private, and development sectors. He has attained numerous accomplishments in his 25+ years of career since 1998.


He has delivered consulting services to the World Bank, UNDP, Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, different government agencies, and business organizations.  


He delivers top-notch and down-to-earth professional consulting services in a wide range of fields for development partners, such as policy advocacy, project development, business growth and transformation, green and inclusive growth, business development, governance, environment, innovation, gender, training, skills development, capacity development, education, access to justice, food and nutrition, etc.


He is CEO of HK Consulting,  managing director of FARGO, a healthy, safe, and nutritious food company, and Yugen Smart City and XG TEK, a Bharain-based technology company. He is a member of the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industries(DCCI). He holds a master’s of social science in International Relations. He is trained in business, law, administration, public policy, and anti-corruption. He is well-connected with the academia, civil society, public, private, and development sector actors. He travels to Europe and the Middle East frequently for business. 



Developed investment proposals for the World Bank Group on the climate smart agriculture, landscape, water, and forestry leading to recent mega projects taken by the government on these sectors. We have delivered this through a consulting assignment titled “Climate resilience at the Agri-Water-Landscape-Forestry Deep Dive” led by me as Task Team Lead (TTL).

Facilitated incorporation of the standing committee on “City Nutrition and Food System” at Rangpur City Corporation and Dinajpur Municipality as part of our policy influencing consulting assignment for the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture.

Designed a policy for achieving oil security in Bangladesh for the Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation and a strategy to install an automated price mechanism for petroleum products. The government has already decided to engage the private sector to establish oil refineries in Bangladesh and taken steps to automate price mechanism.

Facilitated establishment of women’s chamber of commerce and access to finance for the women entrepreneurs.

I facilitated the approval of a UNDP project for the livelihoods and entrepreneurship development of rural ultra-poor women in the ECNEC chaired by the Prime Minister.

I developed the first-ever training manual on local justice in Bangladesh, trained 300+ master trainers and conducted policy advocacy for strengthening village courts while working for UNDP.   

Conducted a day long seminar on Transformation for Business Growth with the top executives of Biman Bangladesh Airlines.

Designed research policy and establsihed the research unit at the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) of Bangladesh as Director of Research. 

Developed curriculum and established a child-based school and college, Collectorate School and College in Sirajganj, which was replicated in all 64 districts of Bangladesh.

Study on “Food, Agriculture and Nutrition in City Ecosystem” conducted for Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture to develop a project titled “Nutrition In City Ecosystem”.

Facilitated development and implemention of a mobile phone based fintech solution for ultra-poor women of SWAPNO project of UNDP.

Facilitated development of the “Roadmap for 10 Year Framework for Sustainable Consumption and Production aligned with SDG 12 Implementation in Bangladesh.”

Developed a project on establishing a “Blue Green Smart City” in the vicinity of Dhaka City alinged with SDG 11

Designed the research methodology on the report on Timely Justice for All in Bangladesh with was published by UNDP Bangladesh.

Conducted research on four important ministries perceived to be most corrupt in Bangladesh to identify causes of corruption and issues of governance failure that breed corruption.

Led a campaign on sustainable consumption to implement 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) and introduce a circular economy in Dhaka city.

Key Services

Social & Business Solution

We deliver solutions for the most pressing challenges the private, public, and development sectors face and offer efficient and market-driven broad-based solutions. We approach a problem with cognitive flexibility, create prototypes through iterative processes and research, and provide a comprehensive sustainable solution through collaborative efforts using social, business, economic, environmental, and technology tools.


Provide customized software and equipment solutions for business automation to facilitate growth and solve social or organizational problems to facilitate smoother operation, ensure management efficiency, and deliver superior customer service. The solution includes mobile and web-based applications, business automation software, software for social change, business growth, high-end websites, learning management software, etc.

Policy Advocacy

Provide policy support to government, development and business organizations for social change with micro, meso and macro level implications.
Develops policy reform agendas, formulate new policies, strategies, SOPs and conduct policy advocacy for public and development agencies. A pool of local and international experts develops policy solutions. We develop inclusive and implementable policy solutions based on stakeholder consultation, expert opinion and global best practices.

  • Business Facilitation

Provide complete Business Setup Solutions (CBS) to aspiring local and foreign entrepreneurs and investors. We also facilitate land procurement and green infrastructure development services for setting up factories or special economic zones.

Business Growth

We provide high-end customized Business Growth Services (BGS) to struggling business organizations and entrepreneurs by mapping and identifying challenges, brutal facts, and opportunities for automation, use of technology, elements of exponential growth, talent management innovation, process simplification and market disruption for revamping the revenue engine sustainably.

  • Innovation

We are a leading innovation expert in the country. We establish an innovation team for aspiring organizations to disrupt business and industry, facilitate sustainable and faster growth, and enhance service delivery efficiency at government or development organizations or to solve a social or economic problem.

Human Capital Skills & Professional Development

Through Training and Capacity Development

Human capital development is a core focus of HK Consulting. We develop skilled human resources through top-notch skills and professional training and capacity-building, creating an enabling ecosystem to contribute to the country’s economic growth. 

We cater skills and professional development training courses for developing skilled human capital for local international market, enhancing managerial skills and trade courses to reduce skill gaps

We also deliver entrepreneurship development courses to develop new entrepreneurs for business growth and create new job opportunities. 

Bangladesh can reduce income loss and multiply remittance earnings through generating a cadre of highly efficient managers to prevent remittance outflow through equipping our mid and senior level professionals with managerial skills, and sending a skilled and semi-skilled workforce overseas.

Work, Experience & Career

From the halls of power to the fields of need

He worked for the government of Bangladesh for about 12 years, from 1998 to 2009, for UNDP from 2009 to 2018, and briefly for the Asia Foundation. He has been delivering consulting services individually and as the CEO of HK Consulting since 2018 to development partners, government agencies, and business organizations. 

He held many portfolios: senior assistant secretary, magistrate, subdistrict administrator, research director, training manager, capacity-building analyst, team leader, program manager, senior program adviser, task team lead, adviser and consultant with the government, UNDP, the Asia Foundation, the world bank, Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture and business organizations.

The private sector in Bangladesh demands particular focus now with the transition to lower-middle income status in 2015. I have worked with the private sector since 2014 and have provided consulting services to 50+ companies and SMEs since 2018. He leads three business organizations as an entrepreneur. His unparalleled track record of working in the public, development, and private sectors has enabled him to understand the perspectives of all actors and counterparts and come up with top-notch solutions for their challenges.

Although my primary focus remains policy advocacy, I am now more passionate about contributing to establishing a circular economy and propelling green growth to reduce our carbon footprint and save the planet. Therefore, in all development work, it is crucial to prioritize climate change as an overarching objective, given its potential to pose a significant threat to long-term development objectives, particularly economic development and poverty reduction. 

He mentors and coaches Managing Directors, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. He takes a keen interest in health and well-being. He conducts sessions, workshops, and events on various issues, including governance, policy, food and nutrition, technology, circular economy, meditation, yoga, and bio-hacking. 

with Dr. Helen at Swiss TPH

In a recent meeting with Dr. Helen Prytherch at Swiss TPH in Basel, Switzerland. We discussed urban food system and the broader food and nutrition policy influencing ecosystem in Bangladesh.

Global Circular Economy 7.2%

Recycling, Reducing, and Reusing 3R is a key to promoting sustainable development in Bangladesh. The Global Circular Economy Market size started at a commendable USD 2.41 trillion in 2022 and is set to reach an impressive USD 4.5 trillion by 2030. Bangladesh has the world’s largest share of pre-consumer textile waste readily available for recycling and has the unique opportunity to be a leader in the circular economic model to grab a significant market share of the global circular economy.


He was involved in several research initiatives during my career with the government and development partners and attained several accolades. He is also into writing and filmmaking. 

He led, designed, and conducted several studies, including “Report on Capacity Needs Assessment – For Enhancing Management and Professional Capacity of the Private Sector In Bangladesh” and “Timely Justice for All in Bangladesh, A CHALLENGE FOR CHANGE, Court Processes, Problems, and Solutions.” I kept my footprint as a writer, publisher, and filmmaker. I directed a documentary, “Game Changer,” on Private Sector Capacity Development. I led an action research Campaign on Sustainable Consumption and coordinated the development of a 10-year sustainable consumption and production framework by 2020 while working with UNDP.


He participates in TV talk shows on technology and social issues. He is a public speaker and conducts sessions on life skills, career development, corporate training, education, entrepreneurship, biohacking, technology, well-being, meditation, and contemporary global issues. He is the editor of the online news portal The Delta Mail. He is passionate about writing, stand-up comedy, storytelling, and debating. He loves to write for the children.

You can reach him at and +880-1730-014027.


Report on Capacity Needs Assessment

The Report was published by UNDP Bangladesh and Hamidul H Khan supervised the overall study and developed methodology for conducting the study.

Timely Justice for all in Bangladesh

This Report is a result of a year-long a detailed analysis of case workflows, and aims to map the business processes of the courts. Hamidul H Khan designed the study. 

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