Hamidul H Khan

Hamidul H Khan

- CEO and Chief Transformation Specialist

Hamidul H Khan

Hamidul H Khan is the CEO and Chief Transformation Specialist of HK Consulting


Mr. Hamidul H Khan is a former civil servant, worked for UNDP, The Asia Foundation and a number of business organizations. He has been providing consulting services to the World Bank, Syngenta Foundation, UNDP, the government of Bangladesh and the private sector. A professional with a rare blend of expertise on public, private and development sector. 
He delivers top notch professional services on a wide range of fields i.e. policy development and advocacy, business development, start up, investment, business transformation, business growth, environment, education, green and inclusive growth, business development, governance,  innovation, gender, training, capacity development, access to justice, nutrition and food system etc.
He is also the CEO of two start ups, FARGO, an organic, safe and nutritious food initiative registered both in and Bangladesh and the Netherlands and a Smart City project for sustainable and healthy living. He is a member of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industries(DCCI). He holds a masters of social science in International Relations and trained in business, law, administration, public policy and anti-corruption. He is well connected with the actors of public, private, development sectors and the civil society. 


Social and Business Solution

We provide solutions to most pressing social and business challenges faced by the private, public and development sectors and offer market driven broad based solutions. We approach problems with cognitive flexibility, create scientific basis through research and offer comprehensive sustainable solutions through collaborative efforts using social, business, economic, environmental and 4IR technology tools.


Develops and delivers customized software solutions such as mobile and web based application, business automation software and software for social change, business growth and professional groups.
Develop high end website and learning management software. Also provide associated hardware support for office automation.

Policy Development

Delivers policy support to government, development and business organizations for social change with micro, meso and macro level implications.
Develops policy reform agendas, formulate new policies, strategies, SOPs and conduct policy advocacy for public and development agencies. A pool of local and international experts develops policy solutions. We develop inclusive and implementable policy solutions based on stakeholder consultation, expert opinion and global best practices.

  • New Business Setup

Provide Complete Business Solution (CBS) to aspiring entrepreneurs and investors to set up new business.

Business Solution

Business struggling with growth and productivity is transformed through mapping and identifying brutal facts and automation, talent management, innovation, process simplification, market disruption and revamping the revenue engine.

  • Innovation

We are a leading innovation firm in the country and set up innovation unit at the aspiring organization to disrupt business and industry and facilitate 10X faster growth.


He worked for the government for about 11 years, UNDP and the Asia Foundation for 10 years both at policy and implementation level. He has been working with private sector since 2014 and has provided services to 50+ companies and SMEs so far. He has an unparalleled track record of accomplishments under his belt attained while working with the government, development partners and private sector. This has enabled him facilitating solutions for any pressing challenge through networking with the actors and counterparts. He facilitates business set up and growth solutions for local and international investors and entrepreneurs
He mentors and coaches Managing Directors, CEOs and entrepreneurs. He takes a keen interest in health and well-being and conducts sessions on meditation, yoga, and bio-hacking. He loves moderating programmes and stand up comedy. 
Meeting with Stakeholders at Rangpur City Corporation for Syngenta Foundation

Some of his Key Achievements 

He has a number of achievements and accolades under his belt. 
He provided growth, transformation and automation services to two leading companies of Bangladesh. 
He led, designed, and conducted several studies including “Report on Capacity Needs Assessment – For Enhancing Management and professional Capacity of the private Sector In Bangladesh” and Timely Justice for all in Bangladesh, A CHALLENGE FOR CHANGE, Court processes, Problems and Solutions”. He developed research policy for the Anti-Corruption Commission of Bangladesh as a research director and conducted research on four ministries. He attained a letter of appreciation from the Ministry of Public Administration for his outstanding contribution in civil service. He established an international standard educational institution at Sirajganj which was replicated all over the country.  He kept his footprint as a writer, publisher, and filmmaker. He directed a documentary, “Game Changer” on Private Sector Capacity Development. He led a Campaign on Sustainable Consumption and coordinated development of 10-year sustainable consumption and production framework by 2020 while working with UNDP.

Social Engagement

He participates in tv talk shows on technology and social issues. He is a public speaker and conducts sessions on life skills, career development, corporate training, education, entrepreneurship, biohacking, technology, well-being, meditation and contemporary global issues. He is also the editor of the online news portal The Delta Mail.


He has a passion for writing, stand up comedy, story telling and debating. He also writes for children.


He can be reached through [email protected] and  +880-1730-014027.


Report on Capacity Needs Assessment

The Report was published by UNDP Bangladesh and Hamidul H Khan supervised the overall study and developed methodology for conducting the study.

Timely Justice for all in Bangladesh

This Report is a result of a year-long a detailed analysis of case workflows, and aims to map the business processes of the courts. Hamidul H Khan designed the study. 

Barna Onek Boro Hobe

“Barna Onek Boro Hobe” Barna aspires  to be a great human being. It is a fascinating story of a toddler who wants to  accomplish many things in life. It provokes the limitless potential of young children. Buy this book.

Rupkothar Swapno

There are two books written by Hamidul H Khan for the children. One is “Rupkothar Swapno” meaning Dreams of Rupkatha and the other is “Barna Onek Boro Hobe”. Buy these books.