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Why Business Transformation is a Must: Lessons from COVID 19 Pandemic

The word `Transmission’ is quite pervasive and relevant during the ongoing SARS Cov 2 or COVID-19 pandemic. But mysteriously another word has become a major phenomenon and it is `Transformation’. The pandemic has transformed our work, life, business, trade, economy, society, values, belief and even politics. It has made work from home a new reality.

But it’s not a new phenomenon altogether. Automattic Inc. is an American global distributed company which was founded in August 2005 and they have 1,228 Automatticians in 77 countries speaking 93 different languages committed to diversity and inclusion, and their common goal is to democratize publishing so that anyone with a story can tell it, regardless of income, gender, politics, language, or where they live in the world. They are the people behind, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Simplenote, Longreads, VaultPress, Akismet, Gravatar, Crowdsignal, Cloudup, Tumblr, and more.

Automattic has raised US$617.3 million in six funding rounds. Automattic employees have been working from home since 2005. Many of us thought working from home is not fully efficient and that is why bosses used to nag about employees wanted to work from home due to family urgency or physical reasons. Old parochial feudalistic mindset is responsible for this. A well-defined job description, freedom and happiness generates more productivity than regimentation. Two proud Bangladeshi Engineers are working with Automattic, one from Dhaka and another from Chittagong out of 50 from South Asia. In their “Work With Us” section it is mentioned “Remote Jobs — Work From Anywhere”.

Automattic model of doing job online and remotely is based on technology. Although it has no fixed office presence at all, Automattic is growing exponentially. This is the power of technology.


So, what do we understand from Automattic’s example? We do not embrace in new ideas rather we tend to cling to our old egoistic ideas.

After the pandemic we are forced to do home office and now we realized we can deliver more from home. The pandemic has also taught us may other things. We might have nuclear arsenals but we are powerless to an invisible virus. The nature can take revenge on humans who have devasted it. It made us more global and more equal. Although countries have fought individually and still trying to control the infection transmission independently but when we talk about the solution, the vaccine, it again becomes global. Apparently, some countries gained some progress but ultimately, if we do not fight it all together it will be very difficult to manage the crisis because no country is able to live only by themselves. The trade and commerce must go on to keep the food supply chain intact and to save jobs. Again, if we want to ensure jobs we have to keep the show running because the business i.e. private sector provides most jobs in the world.

Therefore, we have to transform our business using the right strategy, toolset and technology. Business can grow ten times faster we can use right set of toolset and technology. When a business grows, they create more jobs locally and globally.  Many business struggle to transform themselves and ensure growth. HK Consulting support businesses in transformation with a toolset of 18 components used by great and exponential organizations such as GE, P&G, Toyota, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Automattic, Crossover, SpaceX, Tesla etc.